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October 16, 2015

4 Hair Extension Tips You Need to Know

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Extensions are one of the most profitable services in the salon today. But the amount of time it takes to apply, cut and style the extensions can eat into your time with other clients, not to mention, the client in your chair!  Enter the Hairdreams Laserbeamer Nano which allows you to apply five strands of hair in as little as 30 seconds for instant volume and length—all with the push of a button! Total makeover time—45 minutes! Vered Valensi, celebrity stylist and Owner of Vered Salon in West Hollywood who has been a Hairdreams partner for more than 10 years shares some tips for applying Hairdreams Extensions using the Laserbeamer Nano.



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1. Color Dimension Made Easy. When the hair is dark, Vered likes to place her highlights in the middle of the head instead of on top. Instead of just doing one row of light hair which won’t match the natural color, try taking a few lighter strands out and adding them to a slightly darker row to create your own mixture.


2. Simple Prep. To prep for an extensions application, it’s important to first smooth down the hair. To do this, use a paddle brush and blow dryer. Then go back in and texturize the bottom of her hair because it’s usually going to be blunt and thick on the bottom. Now her hair will look a lot better with the Hairdreams extensions.



3. Less Time = More Money. One of the major benefits to using the Laserbeamer Nano system is that the hair comes pre-mixed, saving stylists, especially those who are not as experienced at mixing colors, a lot of time. Another benefit? The Laserbeamer Nano is super fast with the bonds coming out flat instead of twisted—a huge benefit for clients who often complain that twisted bonds are difficult to sleep on. Plus, an application takes only 45 minutes from start to finish giving more time to take additional clients or work additional add-on services into the appointment.


4. It’s All About the Blunt Cut. “I like to cut the extensions with scissors, which allows me more freedom,” notes Vered. “I also like to go back in and texturize once I’m finished with the cut so it blends with the client’s natural hair.” Cut the bottom, texturize the ends and then take the client’s hair and the Hairdreams extensions and blend them as well using scissors and texturing scissors. Once the client washes her hair it will blend in even better. 


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