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Last updated: March 10, 2021

4 Face Mask Hacks Every Stylist Should Know

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4 Mask Cheats To Make Your Life Easier 

By now, we’ve become pros at working with faces masks throughout every type of salon service—but there are still challenges we wish we had solutions for! The BTC community has done it again, showing up with creative tips and opportunities to make the most of mask wearing. Keep scrollin’ for super smart mask cheats and tricks, and stock up on PPE at the BEST prices at The BTC Shop!


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#1: Try This Hair Bungee Trick

Here’s a fast tip that makes mask wearing more comfortable, while also preventing the mask from moving around or getting in the way during a service. Olivia Smalley (@omgartistry) latches a Pink Pewter hair bungee onto the mask—it’s simple and makes your life a lot easier!


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#2: Offer A Fresh Mask Post-Shampoo

While the client experience has changed a bit, you can still take extra steps to retain repeat clients and build your clientele through word-of-mouth referrals. That’s why Yene Damtew (@yenedamtew) always offers a fresh mask after the client leaves the shampoo bowl.


Here’s why: Your client’s face mask WILL be wet after getting their hair shampooed, especially on the ear straps. Yene suggests offering a fresh, dry mask that the client can change into after they leave the shampoo bowl. Remember to make sure they stay six feet away from anyone and have hand sanitizer to use directly after.


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#3: Comb Trick For Working Around The Ears

We get it. Working around the ears and tapering side burns can be tricky with mask straps in the way. Try this: Anna Piskoulian (@annapiskoulian) uses a comb to hold down the strings while cutting around the ears!


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#4: How A Barber Is Working With Mask Straps

Simone Boscolo Cegion (@boscolobos) is making the best of mask challenges—using the straps to create sharp clipper lines! Just be careful to avoid nicking the straps.


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