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Last updated: July 10, 2019

3 Key Things Your Salon Website Is Missing

Phorest Software Company 3 Key Things Your Salon Website Is Missing Online Booking Reviews Testimonials Detailed Descriptions Research Study Potential New Clients
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Does Your Salon Website Include These 3 Things?

Did you know that you could be missing out on clients if your salon website is missing three key details? It’s true—keep reading to see what they are!


Phorest, a company that specializes in computer software for hairdressers, spas and beauty salon owners, conducted a survey to determine what exactly people look for when visiting a salon website and broke the info down in a blog post. So we combed through their data and learned these three important things your salon website needs!


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1. Offer An Online Booking Option

If your website doesn’t provide an online booking option, know that you are losing out on potential new clients. Not only do most people put off phone calls altogether thanks to anxiety (#relatable) but it’s just easier because it allows them to schedule an appointment on their own time. According to their survey, Phorest learned that 46 percent of bookings happen online when the salon is closed. 


Another benefit of offering an option to book online? It caters to a younger demographic. So if you’re looking to expand your clientele to include millennials and Gen Z, don’t make them call to book. Because they won’t. The proof is in the numbers. Phorest’s survey also found that 36 percent of millennials (ages 25 to 34) and 43 percent of Gen Z (ages 18 to 24) said they want an online booking option on a salon website. 


Phorest Software Company 3 Key Things Your Salon Website Is Missing Online Booking Reviews Testimonials Detailed Descriptions Research Study Potential New Clients
According to their survey, 46% of people book appointments online when the salon isn’t even open. // Graph via


2. Post Real Client Reviews & Testimonials

If reviews from current clients are missing from your site, you may want to reconsider not including those. Phorest asked participants what info they consider important to include on a salon, barber or spa website and 46 percent said reviews and testimonials from real clients (Pssst! This was the top thing mentioned!). People will look up reviews of you on Facebook, Google and Yelp so save them the step of going somewhere else by adding a feed on your site. Not only does this keep them on your website but it ensures they don’t leave without booking. Win-win.


Note: Worried about a not-so-great review slipping through the cracks? Don’t sweat it! Phorest shared in their blog post that people put more trust in businesses with online reviews averaging between 3.6 to 4.4 stars, as long as your responses are nice and working to right any wrongs.


3. Include Descriptions Of Each Treatment/Service

We know you already list each service your salon offers with accurate pricing (if you don’t, you should!), but take it a step further and provide a description for each one. Why? Because 29 percent of survey participants said they want more info than just a service name. But don’t stress yourself out trying to write perfect descriptions. In their blog, Phorest said to keep it simple and include things like what the treatment involves, its duration and the products used so clients know exactly what they’re getting.