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Last updated: July 08, 2021

3 Cheats To Make Bobs Appear Fuller

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Bobs: Styling & Cutting Tips For Fine Hair
Are your fine-haired clients’ trendy bobs lookin’ Instagram-worthy or falling flat?! If their hair is feeling lifeless and lacking body, then it’s definitely time to step up your texturizing game. That’s why we’re sharing three ways to adjust your bob-cutting and styling routine from Carolynn Judd (@styled_by_carolynn)—from a hidden crimper trick for building volume to the products and techniques you need to create that undone cool-girl bob clients want. Plus, a texture-building blowout and flat iron styling video! 

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1. Scissor Trick For Adding Fullness ✂️
Use this bob-cutting trick for fine hair: Maintain your client’s natural texture in the last inch (or 1.5 inch) of their hair. When texturizing into the hair more than an inch, you will remove bulk and fullness so their hair will appear more fine. Just lighten up their ends to create a soft texture and let the hair’s natural thickness do all of the work. 


Sleek or Wavy?! We’re Living For Both Full-Bodied Looks!

Instagram via @styled_by_carolynn



2. Perfect The Fine-Haired Blowout From Prep To Finish
Stop overusing products at the end of your styling routine to compensate for the lack of volume on fine-haired looks—this is actually weighing hair down. Instead, make sure to use the correct products that correspond with every necessary step to build fullness. Get the entire step breakdown below, then
watch Carolynn’s styling technique below!


Step-By-Step Breakdown:

  • Prep with Moroccanoil® Treatment (or Treatment Light for super-fine hair), applying throughout the ends only to add bounce and movement. Plus, this will speed up drying time.
  • Apply Moroccanoil® Root Boost at the roots and blow-dry with a round brush in the opposite direction of the natural parting for maximum volume.
  • After blow-drying, work Moroccanoil® Molding Cream (infused with thickening fibers) into the scalp and roots to build shape and structure with a flexible hold—aka that extra oomph your fine-haired clients want. 
  • Style and finish with Moroccanoil® Dry Texture Spray for textured volume.


Watch Carolynn’s Blowout + Flat Iron Technique


3. Use This Hidden Root Secret For Volume
To build a strong foundation with built-in lift on fine hair, try this: Use a small crimping iron to create texture at the roots. This will be the foundational support needed to hold long-lasting volume and create lift at the base. Just make sure to leave out enough hair around the parting and hairline, so the crimped sections remain hidden.


Tap Through Carolynn’s Trending Bob Looks! 

Instagram via @styled_by_carolynn



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