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Last updated: January 11, 2019

2 Quickie Videos That Prove DIY Cuts Should Be Left To The Pros

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DIY Haircuts Are Totally OK…If You’re A Stylist  

From DIY haircuts with office scissors to at-home dye jobs, nothing makes you cringe more than clients taking matters into their own hands…

And if that video wasn’t enough proof that DIY haircuts are best left to the pros, we grabbed two video quickies of BTC Team Member and Moroccanoil® Global Ambassador Briana Cisneros (@brianacisneros) cutting her own hair that show just how complicated haircuts on oneself can be. Watch the videos below, then see what tips she offers for cutting bangs and trimming pixies!



1. Bored? Give Yourself Bangs!

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Takeaway Tips:

  • Do not cut the bangs straight across. Instead, point-cut the ends to create softness.


  • Start by sectioning off the hair where it naturally breaks off, then create a small triangle subsection and cut from underneath to establish your guide.


  • Then, take diagonal parts on the sides so it seamlessly blends into the rest of the hair while keeping the section that lays over the guide slightly longer so it creates a heavy, shaggy effect.



2. When Your Pixie Grows Out To A Mullet/Bowl Cut…

Takeaway Tips:

  • Use a feather razor—especially if you’re not using a mirror—to avoid cutting yourself!


  • To get rid of the mullet, start by softening out your hairline and graduating the entire underneath section with a feather razor.


  • If you want bangs, opt for face-framing curtain bangs. This will elongate the rest of your hair, creating a chic, shaggy-esque bob.  



Click here to learn Briana’s technique for cutting interior layers!

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