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Last updated: August 08, 2018

2 Fringe-Cutting Techniques That Frame Your Client’s Face

Philip Wolff Briana Cisneros Fringe Cutting Face Framing Techniques BTC One Night Stand
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LEARN: Shaggy Bardot Bangs + Face-Framing Fringe
The face frame is the highlight of your client’s haircut—it’s what they see every day in the mirror and their selfies! That’s why we’re dishing out two fringe-cutting techniques that will help you slay the moneymaker, customizing and contouring your client’s best features and giving them a versatile cut they can style on their own! Straight from the stage at BTC’s cutting-only show ONE NIGHT STAND, here’s what we learned about cutting shaggy Bardot bangs and face-framing fringe!



1. Shaggy Bardot Bangs

The best shags are paired with split Bardot-inspired bangs, and BTC Team Member Briana Cisneros (@brianacisneros) uses this technique for mastering the trendy fringe. 


Get The Steps

  1. Start by taking a small triangular section at the center part and apply Moroccanoil® Treatment as a cutting lotion.
  2. Elevating straight up, rock the shears to create a small foundational section for the rest of the fringe to lay on top of. This strong structure will create a dramatic parting that splits the fringe and gives it that Bardot-effect.
  3. Then, razor-cut working parallel to the hair and skimming each section with small strokes. Working from short to long on both sides, each section should be slightly longer than the previous section to build softness.
  4. Continue this technique until you reach the point where the fringe section naturally breaks off.



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Check out the shagadelic transformation below! 

Makeup by Danielle Lettieri (@themakeupguruchicago)


Missed the show?! Click HERE for the playback & receive lifetime access to 4 hours of cutting education.


2. Long Face-Framing Fringe

Here’s how Matrix educator Philip Wolff (@philipwolffhair) creates a beveled U-shape fringe that’s versatile for clients to style on their own!


Get The Steps

  1. On dry hair, determine the desired length—Philip chose the corner of his model’s lips for a longer and more versatile fringe that frames the face. Using slight elevation and loose tension, point-cut to establish the guide.
  2. Then, connect the corners of the fringe to the layers on both sides to blend. Following the round of the head, elevate 5 to 10 degrees off the face with no over-direction (natural fall) and connect to the actual length.
  3. Philip’s key to face-framing layers? Comb the hair straight down and establish a Point A and Point B, then connect the two points and check in the mirror to check the framing effect.


Philip Wolff Briana Cisneros Fringe Cutting Face Framing Techniques BTC One Night Stand


We’re obsessed with this textured, face-framing end result! 

Makeup by Danielle Lettieri (@themakeupguruchicago)



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