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Last updated: September 21, 2017

11 Tricks For Any Upstyle

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What do you remember the most from the 2016 Miss USA Pageant? The hair of course! All eyes were on Julianne Hough‘s quick hair changes—waves to low pony to sideswept glam tresses all in one night! Which contestant totally rocked the updo? Miss South Dakota, Madison McKeown, owned it! And who kept her hair on the down-low, chill side? Miss California, Nadia Mejia, showed us true beach-babe style with her tousled waves! Need to know the inside scoop on how to create pageant-worthy hair behind the chair? BTC went backstage for exclusive interviews to get every trick you’ll ever need.


Julianne Hough and Miss California, Nadia Mejia, rock the shoulder-length bob!


First, who do we send the applause to for the stand-out tresses? The CHI Haircare team! For 11 years, Farouk Shami, Founder, and CEO of Farouk Systems Inc./CHI, and his artistic team have supported the 51 (this year 52!) contestants each pageant, not just for the stage-worthy hair, but to really stand with the women who are striving to making a difference. “These young women defy the odds by juggling successful careers, education and humanitarian efforts while still reaching their goals,” Farouk said. “They are our future—supporting other young women, serving their communities and even their country. We not only commend them but wish to be a part of their success and accomplishments.”


For Farouk and the CHI Team, it isn’t just about the perfect hair! It’s about supporting women like winner
Miss District of Columbia, Deshauna Barber, who are striving to make a difference!


BTC’s Exclusive Backstage Tips!


1. So the No. 1 tip for nailing that hairdo in less than five minutes? Global Artistic Director Patrick Kalle says to focus on the front! When Patrick creates a chic spin on the casual braid, he builds the front of the hairstyle by making a deep side part first, then sectioning the hair and tightly backcombing. How does the expert backcomb? By rolling the comb into the hair and pushing down, then rolling it back out.


Check out the expert tease technique! 


2. Feed the hair! For curls that last, especially with extensions, CHI Artist Lauren Young preps with CHI Magnified Volume Finishing Spray first, then curls the hair at the midlengths with her Dura CHI Professional Curling Iron. Lauren says feed the hair through as you curl—this evenly distributes the hair and you don’t burn your fingers! Last, she taps the hair to see when it is ready, then she gently holds the curl while securing with clips.



3. The secret for legit volume? Heat! CHI Executive Creative Artist Albert Ruiz says backcomb at the root to add volume, and smooth the hair out as you work toward the midshafts and ends. Spray hair, and seal the volume in by pressing the iron to the backcombed section.




4. The quickest way to ruin your style? Using the wrong products! Patrick gave us a breakdown of some of his faves below:


  • CHI 44 Iron Guard Style & Stay Firm Hold Protecting Spray + BioSilk’s Volumizing Therapy Strong Hold Hairspray work together for the ultimate hold that survives strutting across the stage and changing from a bikini to a ball gown. Patrick says, “Spray once and don’t touch the hair again!”
  • CHI Magnified Volume Finishing Spray makes it easy to switch up those styles. Flexible hold = flexible hair!
  • Farouk Royal Treatment Rapid Shine not only works perfect for the required shiny tresses, but this shine spray also refreshes hair and breaks up the hairspray for quick restyling.


5. Ever heard of the hair Olympics? Getting the contestants ready in about five minutes takes some training! CHI Artist Christal Niles says she has the routine down—her go-to quick styles are low messy buns and pinning the hair over the shoulder. Check out her quick tip on how to get those waves pageant perfect! 



6. While it is a pageant, Patrick says the girls don’t want “Barbie” hair. The key to the right kind of curls is to do a Figure 6 curl with the Dura CHI Professional Curling Iron, but don’t bevel the ends, just gently pull them through as you roll the iron.


 Avoid “Barbie” curls! Pull the ends through as you curl, but don’t bevel them.  


7. Change it “up”-do, girl! Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach, is known for wearing her low chignon while onstage, but this time she sported a sleek top knot, skillfully created by CHI Artist Abel Salazar. Pia said she is known for her top knot styles back home in the Philippines. Way to bring that homegrown style to the States!


CHI Artist Abel Salazar perfects Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach’s, sleek top knot. 


8. Sleek is not the standard M.O.! Patrick says you can backcomb and ruche a fancy fishtail braid to create an on-trend, textured updo. Watch the clip to see how he did it!



9. You know that setting the foundation for the hair is style rule numero uno—but the tools you use can make or break your hair foundation! Patrick recommends using the CHI Touch 2 Touch Screen Dryer. Why? Not only can you change the temperature of the dryer, like super fast, you can change the ion settings aka dry that hair quicker! Combine the Touch 2 Touch Screen dryer with the CHI Ceramic Large Round Brush, The Dura CHI Large Marcel Iron and of course BioSilk, and you have your hair prepping arsenal ready!



10. It’s no secret that sometimes the contestants wear extensions. But how do you get them to stay in while switching from a sassy swimsuit to a svelte ball gown? Albert tightly backcombs the root to create an anchor for the clip. Next, he seals it with CHI 44 Iron Guard Style & Stay Firm Hold Protecting Spray, then lightly taps with a curling iron. That weft is goin’ nowhere!



11. Ditch the cliché pageant look! Efrain Leiva, CHI Artist, says the contestants were requesting more natural and effortless-looking waves this year. Center parts were huge and there was even less volume (gasp!).


#loosecurls! Prepping those waves for the big day. Photo courtesy of Efrain Leiva


Bonus Tip: Updos on the Miss USA stage don’t have to be curls and waves! Nervo’s Miriam (with her sister Olivia Nervo) sported a mint green Mohawk! Killer looks on the red carpet, ladies!


EDM musicians Olivia and Miriam Nervo rock killer styles on the Miss USA 2016 red carpet!


Way to go, CHI Artistic team! Without you guys behind the chair, all this glam wouldn’t have been possible!


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