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Last updated: August 03, 2017

11 Top Tips for Men’s Hair

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No question—men mean business! Men’s hair requires more frequent upkeep, meaning your chairs stay full. But many hairdressers get a little skittish when it comes to doing men’s hair. Don’t let that stop you from making money! Here are the 10 tips you need to nail men’s styling from Sexy Hair International Master Stylist Kelly Bileddo, who is also a barber in St. Louis.


1. Keep Head Shape in Mind.
If he comes in with a predominant, square jaw, you don’t want to give him a square haircut, Kelly says—that’s going to make his look seem unbalanced. Round it out, or vice versa for your round-jawed fellas.


2. Consider Curves.
Where’s his parietal, his occipital? When it comes to blending with clippers, if you don’t keep these curves in mind, you could end up missing a lot of work that needs to be done, or totally overworking the hair.


3. Pay Attention to Ear Symmetry.
“I’ve got a client, he’s got one ear down here and one ear up here,” Kelly says. “So it’s really hard to balance his sideburns.” Just pay close attention, and don’t get freaked out if you start the sideburns at two different points on either side.


4. Maintain the Hairline.
Three-quarters of the time, a man’s hairline isn’t even on both sides, Kelly says. If you clean it up with your clippers, he’ll really thank you.


5. Ask What They Want.
What does he prefer for his neckline—square it off or round it out? Don’t just assume, see what he likes.


6. Study His Hair Density.
Let’s say he does have a very low neckline—you might not want to take his hair super-short, otherwise you’re going to expose that his neckline is above the bottom of his hairs. Keep an eye on this!


7. Maximize Your Average Men’s Ticket.
Sure, you charge less for men’s haircuts—but you CAN make money cutting men’s hair. Here’s how you stack
 that paper with barbering services.



8. Discuss Hair Texture.
That’s the best way to put it—“texture.” Not “thinning” or “balding.” If he’s thick in the back and fine in the front, discuss how you’ll balance the textures to make an even look all over.


9. Teach Him About Growth Patterns.
He may come in wanting a pushed-forward look, but if his hair is growing backward, he’ll never really be able to recreate that style. Keep the growth pattern in mind when discussing styles.


10. Cowlicks!
The dreaded cowlick. Watch these, “because if you cut it too short, you’re going to expose that cowlick and he’s going to remember you for the next three weeks,” Kelly says.


11. The Other Stuff
If you want a man to always come back to your chair, trim up those eyebrows and other facial hair. He’ll never forget you!


What does Kelly use to give her guys the ultimate in men’s style? Sexy Hair Matte Clay, a brand new product, and, back by popular demand, Rough & Ready! You can learn how to use these products and new techniques for making each male client’s cut unique at the Sexy Hair Experience, hitting locations across the country. Nothing is sexier than education!


Watch Kelly Break Down Her Top 10 Tips