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Last updated: September 20, 2017

10 Tips From Eufora That Will Make You Greater Than You Were 10 Minutes Ago

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Eufora Co-Founder and CEO Beth Bewley and Executive VP of Sales Fred Phillips welcomed guests to the largest Global Connection yet.


It was a bittersweet experience at Eufora Global Connection this year. Sad because it has been a year since company founder Don Bewley passed away unexpectedly, leaving his family, co-workers and Eufora family mightily missing his humor, passion and inspirational leadership. But in the end, the two day event was an exhilarating experience—thanks to incredible education and artistry and loads of laughs. All in all, it was truly a fitting tribute to Eufora’s late founder. Eufora’s Beth Bewley summed it up like this: “The most important thing to Don was making sure when someone was touched by Eufora education, they were touched by something that would make them greater than when they arrived,” she said. “This weekend is a celebration of where we’ve been and where we’re going, and a tribute to the man and to his passion.”


Philip Carreon brought the drama with his avant-garde presentation, Beauty in Motion.


During the weekend, International Creative Director Philip Carreon dazzled the audience with his Beauty in Motion presentation, inspired by the elements of water, fire and earth, and guest teams from Japan and the UK presented their interpretations of avant-garde work.


Check out these sassy Whiskey Girls from the Eufora Japan team!


Bad guys and good guys served as presenters for the Eufora Stylist of the Year awards.


And to liven up the already-lively Eufora Stylist of the Year Black Tie Gala, the presenters included superhero and supervillian favorites, direct from Gotham, including Harley Quinn, the Joker, the Riddler, Batman and Catwoman (aka, the Eufora educators.)


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Now let’s get to the education—a perfectly balanced mix of technical training for cutting, coloring and styling, plus business sessions covering leadership, consultation, change and product chemistry for the nearly 1,000 attendees. Here are some of the high points.


Cutting Tips
1. Call them “softening shears.”



Mirza Batanovic, Eufora style director, shares an exclusive how-to for “slenderizing” a fat fringe.


2. How to Clear the Ear



When cutting men’s hair, the ears are always an issue. Here are two slick ways to get around them gracefully.


3. Backcombing With The Razor



Here’s a quick way to remove weight in top sections.


4. Slip Her The Mickey




Here’s another way to texturize and remove bulk.


5. Create Hidden Texture in a Blunt Bob



Philip Carreon shares his secrets for placing texture in a bob without disrupting the weight line.


Styling Tip
6. Brushing Her Softly




Eufora Global Educator Jeffrey Mayo takes a soft approach to sexy, sultry, glamorous waves. 


Color Tips
7. Galvanizing


Galvanzing prepares the canvas for successful silver tones by removing last traces of warmth.


For success with silver tones, it’s imperative to first remove every single solitary trace of warmth. To get the job done, Eufora Color Development Manager Joanne Rempel has developed a process she calls “Galvanizing.” She defines it as a pre-tone process, done to cancel warmth that may remain after prelightening the hair. Take this model for example. After three lightener applications (first with Eufora Aloe Pods + 30-volume on mids and ends and 20-volume on the roots, then with the new Eufora Cream Lightener + 20-volume and finally with Cream Lightener + 15-volume), the lengths remained at Level 8. So Joanne “Galvanized” the warmth with Eufora Color No Ammonia 8.11/8AA + a drop of 1.10/blue black + 10-volume developer at the roots, and No Ammonia 10.12/ash violet on roots and ends. Finally it was time to tone. Joanne mixed 5 parts of No Ammonia Clear Shine Dilute + 1 part Blue Creative Pigment, applied three inches off the root in triangular sections, with a blue overlay staggered in between and the result was this “night sky” silvery violet blue!


8. The Perfect Neutral Toner


Uh oh. Your balayage client has gone a bit brassy. You need to cool her down, but you don’t want a result that’s too ashy or smoky. Joanne has the ideal formula for a chic, neutral beige: Eufora Color No Ammonia ½ 28.01/8NA + ½ 10.32/beige. “This formula is ideal if you have varying degrees of porosity on one head,” Joanne shares. “It’s foolproof!”


Business Tip
9. The “Love and Loathe” Consultation


“I’ve learned how to make my consultations effective and positive,” shared Business Educator Erik Pearson. “I ask my clients to tell me what they love about their hair, and what they loathe. When they tell me what they love, that’s it. I don’t touch it. When they tell me what they loathe, I go into problem-solving mode. Does she loathe the fact that it’s too short or too frizzy or too hard to style? Those are all solvable, and when you solve what she hates, you’re a superhero! Just remember—wait for her to ask you to solve a challenge before you fix it!”


10. Stop Global Whining


And finally, here’s a thought from keynote speaker Christine Cashen, whose talk was called “Why Can’t Everybody Just Get Along?”


Let’s be the fountain, everyone!


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