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Last updated: June 11, 2021

10 Times You Wish You Could Tell Clients No!

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10 Times You’ve Wanted To Tell A Client NO! But Held It In Instead

Clients: they’re just like family, they drive us crazy, but we love them anyway! And just like when your aunt says something crazy on Thanksgiving, we know there is A LOT of biting your tongue behind the chair. We asked around the stylist community and collected some of the top “OMG! I need to bite my tongue” moments, and you guys did not disappoint!  And REMEMBER, we love your clients as much as you do, so please remember all the love ❤️ when scrolling! 


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1. “No, you don’t know what formula I should use to tone just because you ‘Googled’ it and are now an all-knowing expert.” — @diaryofa_painter


2. “No, these layers will NOT make you look like Jennifer Aniston!!!” – Anonymous 


3. “No, I won’t give you advice on how to put your color on at home.” — @jmestylez



4. “No, you cannot fill up your old shampoo bottle with my backbar shampoo for free.”— @creative_chaos_salon


5. “No, I will not give you suggestions of what drug store products to use!!” — @beccahairpainting


6. “No, I can’t ‘shuffle’ my schedule around to fit you in today.”— @hairbyjess_harrison



7. “No, a perm won’t look like that picture, those are curling iron curls.” — @maryatbeautymark


8. “No, you can’t find these products at the drug store. And no. I won’t give you my discount on them.” — Anonymous



9. “No, ‘short’ is not a real description of how you want your hair cut.” — @hairbyjoie



10. “No, just because you decided to show up 30 minutes early does not mean you will get started early.” — @natalieholcomb_


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