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July 7, 2020

10 Genius PPE Tips You Probably Haven’t Heard Yet

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PPE Tips & Tricks To Help You Get Through The Day

Having to wear a mask and/or face shield for hours behind the chair is definitely an adjustment so below, we’re sharing 10 genius Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) tips and tricks from the BTC Community that will help you get through the day. Keep reading to get their advice!


1. “If you wear glasses, rub some shaving cream on them and then wipe them off—don’t wash them—and they will be fog free (a client’s advice to me).” – @hairby_shellydawn


2. “This is my second week back to work in central New York. We have to wear a mask and shield. Didn’t think I could do it but a customer bought me a fan I wear around my neck, and it blows upward. It’s been a lifesaver! I heard Home Depot has them.” – Agnes Weatherbee 


3. “Keep the AC lower so everyone is comfortable in masks…And get an air purifier for your station to help with extra cleaning chemicals. I have a UV box to sterilize my (or my client’s) phone and my scissors/combs/clips between services and it works well.” – Rachel Lynn Carr


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4.One of my clients (who is a nurse) brought me in three headbands with buttons on the sides to attach the elastic from the mask on. This is amazing for two reasons: One, it saves your ears from the mask and two, it keeps your hair out of your face so you don’t touch it.” Heather Burch


5. “Drink a lot of water, suck on menthol cough drops and get outside as much as possible between clients. Sounds bad, but it’s really not too bad after a few days. You get into a routine.” – Heather Debellis


6. “If you do nails and get nail polish on the shield DO NOT use acetone to clean it off. I melted my face shield the first day. 🙃” – @_jmommy


7. “We’ve been wearing shields upside down! Sooo much better.” – Summer Reaves



8.Put a little eucalyptus essential oil on your mask. It will feel cooler and seem like you’re getting fresher air.” Michelle Miller


9.I have been using a facial toner on my face throughout the day. Wearing a mask for an 8+ hour shift will make you break out.” Adrianne Bowers 


10.Couple things I did: I’m using disposable capes for clients and disposable aprons for me. Since the capes were hard to get, I went to the dollar store and bought plastic table clothes and cut them in half. Works good.” Tracy Smith


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