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Last updated: May 31, 2017

TRUSS Miracle Box

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Once upon a time, diamonds were a girl’s best friend. But now, thanks to TRUSS Cosmetic’s Miracle Box, it’s all about those emeralds. The Miracle Box offers clients a way to restore their lovely locks to that once luminous shine after only a few in-salon treatments. Formulated from a mix of rare oils and authentic Brazilian emeralds, this restorative box will have you client’s hair soft and smooth in no time!

Miracle Box Includes

Microsphere Emerald—a blend of vitamin E and essential oil enriched microspheres. This mixture softens and protects the hair, producing a dazzling shine—think the brilliant sheen of a rich, glossy emerald.

Miracle Mask—contains a high concentration of amino acids. This mask reconstructs the hair’s capillary fiber, improving its overall condition, health, and imparting a beautiful reflective shine.

Mixing bowl and spatula

These amazing transformative results are possible on all types of hair, including color-treated hair and chemically-treated strands. The Miracle Box is free of salt and dyes. Your clients will have instant, visible results after just one 5-minute application!

Usage: Measure out 20 grams of Miracle Mask then add in 2 sprays of Microsphere Emerald and mix well. Apply on clean, damp hair and massage in. Leave mixture in hair for 5-10 minutes before making sure to rinse thoroughly.

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