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Last updated: May 31, 2017

The Detailing Brush

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Lately, all the trends seem to be in the details—so when your stylish clients come in requesting an edgy undercut or cool glitter roots, you need to be able to make that happen. And with the new Detailing Brush from Colortrak, you can.


The brush is the latest addition to their collection of hair coloring tools, and it’s making your detailing jobs way easier. The ergonomic handle delivers optimal comfort for the stylist, with additional grip at the base. The tiered angles of the bristles are designed to give max control, allowing for extremely precise painting, and the ultra-soft feather bristles allow the stylist to give their look a natural, feathered finish if desired. Plus, it’s designed so you can turn the tool upside down for accurate and precise sectioning.


The brushes come in a two pack, with one black and one hot pink brush for your choosing. Another added bonus: The Detailing Brush is ideal for eyebrows, as well as beard touch ups for your male clients!


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The Detailing Brush

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