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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Sexy Hair BOND·ING Breakage Prevention System

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Women are coloring their hair more often than ever before, which will eventually cause damage to the hair shaft. When clients’ go from dark to light and back again, the amount of stress on the hair weakens the strands leading to breakage. But no longer! New from Sexy Hair comes BOND·ING, the easiest, fastest, most accurate and affordable Breakage Preventing System. This simple, three-step process gives your color services a guarantee for success with quick and effective results! You can finally go a little lighter or a little bolder with help from BOND·ING! The system includes: Bond Maker 1, a liquid cortex strengthener. It creates new bonds and protects the existing internal structure, while nourishing the hair to maintain hydration. Bond Locker 2 is a cortex strengthening & hydrating balm that strengthens the treatment helping to lock new bonds into the cortex while providing more moisture and nourishment. It also helps to lay down the cuticle creating a smooth surface. Bond Retainer 3 is a strengthening maintenance treatment that should be sent home with your clients after the service. This bi-weekly treatment provides moisture and feeds hair to improve flexibility and shine. Together this three-step process protects hair against breakage during chemical/bleaching services, while creating new bonds and protecting existing ones for more elasticity and strength.

Available in salons September 2015.

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