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Last updated: March 13, 2015

RUSK Heatshift and Mousse

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Some clients are impossible at making up their minds. After giving them a certain cut, you sell them a specific product that is required to upkeep that style. Fast-forward two weeks and this client never touches that product again because they now want a completely different style that requires a completely different product! Send them home with a product that you know will last regardless of their ever-changing style!

Known for their fashion-forward attitude and their inclination to take risks, RUSK has launched two new products that will make your client’s locks stand taller, appear fuller and grant them the ability to change your style at the drop of a hat—RUSK Heatshift and Mousse. Heatshift is an extremely pliable restyling cream that allows you to shapeshift without having to first rewash your hair or even reapply the product. The Heatshift is also heat-resistant and perfectly workable with your heat tools. As well, it will reduce your styling and blow-dry times by 50 percent! The Mousse provides incredible lift even for the hardest-to-hold styles. It lifts from the roots and provides excellent definition and bounce. Best of all? It fights against humidity to last all day!

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