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Last updated: September 17, 2012

Roux Color Refresh Mask: Refreshes Color, Conditions and Shines

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Roux has been providing must-have professional hair products for 80 years and in honor of its anniversary, the company has done it again.  The new Roux Color Refresh Mask gives clients three amazing benefits in three minutes.  It refreshes color, intensely conditions hair and adds radiant shine.  And it does it all at a truly affordable price.

This weekly treat for color treated hair revives color, provides intense conditioning and adds radiant shine in just three minutes. Results last two to five shampoos, depending on hair type and condition.

The creamy formula deposits direct dyes to refresh hair color. The conditioning formula features ionic pigments that adhere to the hair, so there’s no need for ammonia. Alpha hydroxy fruit acids provide intense moisture, leaving the hair touchably soft with brilliant shine and a smooth feel.

Roux Color Refresh Mask is a great companion to your color services. Offer it as an affordable retail option or include it in the service price to provide an extended warranty on clients’ color, ensuring their hair color stays vibrant, soft, shiny and gorgeous until you see them next time.

It comes in eight vibrant shades:
• White Platinum 1002
• Pale Gold 1003
• Light Pearly Beige Blonde 813
• Copper 740
• Fire Red 600
• Burgundy 200
• Deep Chestnut 513
• Brown 411

Suggested retail price is just $4.99 for a 30-ml/1-fluid-ounce single application packette.  Available exclusively at Sally Beauty.

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