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Last updated: May 25, 2017

Redken Extreme Lengths Primer and Sealer

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Everybody’s had a client who wants you to chop off her hair despite your best advice otherwise. A few inches later, you turn the chair around and your client tells you what you already knew—she absolutely hates it. Instead of telling her it’ll grow back in time, offer a solution that will yield results much quicker—Redken’s Extreme Length Primer and Length Sealer. This duo of Redken products is the perfect recommendation for clients with hair damaged by heat or chemicals, as well. 

An addition to the already proven successful Extreme haircare line, the Extreme Length Primer and Sealer are made with biotin protein that assists in natural cell growth. The added biotin builds up strength in hair cells from roots to ends—fostering a healthier environment for growth that can produce 3 to 6 inches of healthy hair in one year. The Primer is applied in the shower as a conditioner, while the Sealer is a leave-in treatment for repairing split ends.

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