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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Salon Kit with Heat-Safe Display

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Heat up sales at the tool bar! Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Salon Kit with Heat-Safe Display is the perfect way to increase tool retail revenue in your salon. Capitalize on your professional recommendation and let guests touch and try tools before making purchasing decisions. The Tool Bar is an interactive area where guests can touch, handle and experiment with heat tools BEFORE they buy them—a huge benefit that can set your salon apart from others.

Kit Includes:
– 2 Express Iron Dry+
– 2 Epress Ion Smooth +
– 1 Express Ion Unclipped 3-In-1
– 1 Heat Safe Look & Learn Display
– Express Ion Blowout Style Guide

Here are a few ways to utilize the Tool Bar to increase your retail sales!

Have a one-on-one styling consultation with your guests. This individualized attention can help increase your service dollars and sales.

Create add-on styling services with your team that you can perform at the Tool Bar? and recommend to guests for current or future visits. Styling hair at your Tool Bar? can quickly increase revenue, especially if you include a Take Home? recommendation. 

Remember the Tool Bar? is not just a piece of furniture—it’s a conversation starter that can lead to sales. Maximize the opportunity by creating a dialogue your entire team can use with guests.

Take Home?
Almost every guest who sits in your chair has a tool at home. Show them how they would benefit from making Paul Mitchell® Pro Tools™ their brand of choice. They are already an existing user—now make them a user of the tools you can provide!

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