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Last updated: February 17, 2014

New DVD Collection for Colorists from Product Club

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New DVD Collection for colorists from Product Club encourages, “Don’t think outside box, think like there’s no box at all!”

Product Club presents Highlighting Between the Lines, a totally new way of thinking about haircoloing. The majority of haircolor services being performed today are done with linear thinking as well as linear application. Using the same basic formulations and application techniques to all of your clients will give you predictable, not necessarily optimal, results. At Product Club, we believe that you can only really grow as a haircolorist when you make the shift to non-linear thinking. Only then will you be able to offer your clients truly individualized color and style. Through this video series, Product Club has assembled members of its creative team to help demonstrate this new way of haircoloing.

This is a collection of three DVDs, each featuring two highlighting techniques, including:

Vertex Sets: ideal for clients with curly and wavy hair, as the different densities of highlights can really add dimension.

Corrugated Color creates a multi-dimensional look that really brings the color to life.

Flash Foward allows for strong color placement without the results being too heavy; perfect with any color pallete!

Celestial Color is a balayage technique that makes the ordinary blonde extraordinary.

Color Channeling results in beautiful panels of color; in this video, red and copper tones will be featured.

Back Dropping is a technique that can create a variety of looks; bold, but also capable of being modified to achieve more subtle color choices for whatever look your client is after.

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