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Last updated: June 01, 2017

Matrix Style Link

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There are creams that help you prep, gels that allow you to shape and design, sprays to finish off any look and products that can up your client’s volume, hold and shine. But rarely, do all these products come together in one cohesive line—and when they do, they are far from interchangeable! Try mixing your current sprays and gels and you get that tacky, flakey buildup that weighs your client’s hair down—who wants that? Finally, there is a new line that allows you to mix and match as you see fit—Matrix Style Link! With revolutionary technology that prevents undesirable buildup and first-of-its-kind Style Link Boosters that elevate hold, shine and volume, this line will lift you to new heights!

Polymer and silicone molecules don’t get along too well—in fact, in most products they repel each other. With Style Link, Matrix married the two molecules to form hybrid molecules that result in an evenly coated application, increasing the flexibility and hold of each product. This groundbreaking revelation in styling allows each and every Style Link product to intermingle with others without weighing down the hair. These products are known for volume and hold for a reason! And even though these products can be used regardless of whether being used for prep or design, they are grouped together to optimize each product’s effectiveness. These groups are Prep, Play and Perfect.

WATCH: Matrix Global Artist Jamie Stevens create a textured men’s look using the Style Link line! 

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