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Last updated: January 29, 2013

Lisse Design Straightening System from Alfaparf

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Sleek, smooth, soft…and safe.

From Alfaparf comes a revolutionary new straightening system called Lisse Design.  Formulated WITHOUT Formaldehyde, Lisse Design uses new KeraCollagen Complex, a revolutionary new blend of active ingredients. Hydrolyzed Keratin, Quaternized Collagen and Glyoxylic Acid smooth the hair shaft, eliminate frizz, fortify the cuticle layer and add a super glossy finish for long lasting straightening results. Additionally, process itself is shorter, and the hair can be styled, even colored, immediately. Great results, less time and no wait time.

Product Attributes:
30% less time consuming: Application/Processing is takes roughly 1 hour 45 minutes vs. industry standard of 2 hours 30 minutes
37% less costly: Per application cost is $11.36
100% Formaldehyde Free: OSHA Approved Formula is safe for use, no dangerous fumes
Long Lasting: around 4 months of manageability and shine
Zero Restrictions: colour the same day, style the hair up down all around, there are no restrictions after a service

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