Last updated: May 25, 2017

Color Attach

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L’ANZA Healing Haircare introduces its highly-anticipated botanical-infused Color Attach System. Featuring landmark first-to-market technology designed to give haircolor new life before, during and after the hair coloring process, L’ANZA’s new Color Attach System is the first to enhance color intensity, shine and vitality at once with dramatic results.

The line’s core technology, which allows color to attach itself more firmly to the inner cortex of hair, utilizes futuristic invisible color pigment optimization to provide richer and brighter haircolor, more even coverage and longer-lasting results. The innovative range raises the bar on coloring care, promising consumers more than 100 percent longer-wearing hair color. As if that’s not enough, the collection also increases shine by 148 percent, vibrancy by 48 percent, intensity by up to 36 percent and protects against water wash-out, a major factor in color loss.

Here’s the system:

  • The Color Attach Step 1 Color Pre-Treatment increases color density, primes hair for better color uptake, deposits more pigments per square micrometer, creates color attachment sites to improve adhesion, equalizes porosity and increases color density and vividness.
  • The Color Attach Step 2 Color Post-Treatment boosts shine up to 148 percent (crazy!), seals in haircolor with a weightless color shield, prevents color degradation and shields against UV rays. Plus, it has Wash Shield, which is new technology that reestablishes vital barriers to guard against color pigment washout.
  • The Color Guard extends color up to 107 percent longer and prevents water-induced color fading, plus it also has Wash Shield. This is both an in-salon and at-home formula that your clients can use to maintain their gorgeous color.
  • The Color Illuminator is also an at-home formula and boosts color intensity by up to 36 percent INSTANTLY. It’s great to use in between visits or for a quick color refresh.

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