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Last updated: January 29, 2015

Kitoko Age-Prevent Trio

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Every client craves a youthful look, but unfortunately many do not have the means to reach the ends they desire. To help restore dull tresses to their former glory, look no further than a trio of products from ASP Hair for the results your clients want—the Kitoko Age-Prevent Cleanser, Balm and Scalp Tonic. When used together, these three products are guaranteed to repair fragile, thinning hair—going beyond masking the appearance of age damage and directly attacking it at the roots.

ASP’s new hair therapy is all about rehabilitation. ASP carefully selected the botanical extracts best equipped to salvage the scalp for their age-prevent products. The cleanser is made of blue lotus and smectic clay, which increase circulation to the hair and remove impurities. The balm is made with tamarind extract, which reduces breakage and leaves hair thicker and softer. The leave-in scalp tonic uses a micro-algae extract that attacks age damage at the scalp, giving it a continuous stream of renourishment.

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