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Last updated: January 29, 2015

Jane Carter Solution Scalp Renew

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As New England digs itself out of 30+ inches of snow, there are people all over the country reeling with snow of a different kind—dandruff! Although those flakes can collect in your clients’ hair anytime of the year, winter is the perfect climate for dandruff to thrive. Between the cold dry air outside and the warm but still dry air inside, your clients’ hair is being put through the wringer! That’s where the folks at Jane Carter Solution enter with their new Scalp Renew.

The steps are simple: Prior to shampooing, simply advise your clients to apply the scalp renew. The solution will cleanse the scalp of impurities, exfoliate those pores, and increase hair growth—all vital steps in eliminating dandruff! Have your clients repeat this process and before long they will be dandruff-free. Be sure to educate your clients, as well, about natural causes for dandruff such as their diet. Eating more zinc- and vitamin B-rich foods can help your client get rid of their dandruff and slim their waistlines!

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