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Last updated: June 01, 2017

Healing Oil Combing Cream from L’ANZA

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Brushing and combing out tangles can cause a lot of stress on hair, especially chemically-treated and compromised hair. Too much friction can cause the damage to the hair, as well as frizz and split ends. L’ANZA’s got you covered. Their new Healing Oil Combing Cream is formulated to effectively prevent hair damage, stop frizz and avert slip ends. Utilizing three advanced technologies:

* Glide Force Reduction decreases combing friction by 92 percent to prevent hair damage.
* Cuticle Bonding closed down the cuticle to stop frizz from occurring.
* Water Displacement Technology shortens drying time by 75 percent, and reduces hair swelling, stress and split ends.

Combing Cream also detangles, smooths, prevents flyaways and static electricity and protect from heat, UV and infrared rays.

Apply to damp or dry hair. Comb or brush the hair. Blow-dry or allow to air dry. Style as desired.

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