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Last updated: July 17, 2017

GOLD Premium Keratin Treatment

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Transform your clients’ frizzy, lackluster hair into straight, smooth, glossy hair with COCOCHOCO’s GOLD Premium Keratin Treatment. This unique formula is infused with 24k gold liquid, which reduces static electricity and water absorption, protecting hair from humidity, salt water and rain. GOLD can be applied on all types of hair, including chemically-treated hair, and will not change the texture of the hair—only help it look its best. 


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How To Use

  1. Wash the hair with COCOCHOCO Clarifying Shampoo, rinse and towel-dry. 
  2. Blow-dry the hair on medium heat until completely dry. Comb thoroughly. 
  3. Shake the product well before use. 
  4. Brush the treatment onto sections of hair (avoiding the scalp) and comb out the excess. 
  5. After 30 to 40 minutes, blow-dry on medium heat until completely dry. 
  6. Using a flat iron set at 430 degrees, straighten the hair thoroughly to seal in the treatment. 
  7. Do not wash, tie up or style the hair for three days. If hair gets wet or kinked, re-straighten. 
  8. After three days, wash the hair with COCOCHOCO salt-free shampoo.