Last updated: May 31, 2017

BOND Ultim8


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Lighteners, extreme color, smoothing services, perm services, thermal tools and environmental aggressors can all lead to stressed locks and the undoing of structural hair bonds—leaving hair damaged, weak and dull. Until now.

BOND Ultim8 from Matrix is a new Bond Protecting System that delivers eight lasting bond protecting benefits and allows colorists to tackle every color challenge behind the chair with no reformulation or additional time needed. In just three easy steps and with no reformulation, Matrix BOND Ultim8 allows colorists to maintain the same expected level of lift while keeping the integrity of their client’s hair. Other key features include:

• Helps protects bonds during lightening
• Maintains expected lift
• No extra time needed
•Helps prevent hair breakage
• Helps preserve hair fibers
• Deeply nourishes
• Hair looks healthier

The system features three steps: Amplifier, a liquid additive treatment that helps prevent breakage during chemical services; Sealer, a conditioning sealer that helps protect fibers from breakage after Step 1 or during a professional service; and the Weekly Sealing Treatment, a take-home component that perfects fibers and provides additional nourishment following the in-salon BOND Ultim8 service.

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