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Last updated: June 01, 2017

blowpro’s® ready set blow

close formula

Reduce stress and damage! blowpro’s® ready set blow speeds up the blow dry process, delivering a faster blowout every time! This residue free formula primes and smoothes the hair, while micro-heat conductors accelerate the drying process by optimizing the heat from your blow dryer. Vitamin B energizes and revitalizes the hair, and a co-polymer blend locks out humidity and smoothes the cuticle for a long-lasting, flexible style. Suitable for all hair types. This is one timesaving styling product no blowpro® stylist would be without!

How to use: Coat hands (front and back) with the product. Apply a dime- to nickel-size for fine to medium texture hair—a quarter size for thick, coarser hair. Finger-rake the styling product through the under lengths, and use the rest on the outer layers.

blowpro® tip: For smoother results, direct the blow dry nozzle down the hair—never back and forth which creates frizz. Advise your clients to ventilate their steamy bathrooms prior to blow drying.

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