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June 10, 2015

Biotop Professional Quinoa Oil

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Sometimes we do some pretty extreme things to those tender tresses in the name of beauty! And sometimes clients’ hair can pay the price. Flat irons, blow-drying, curling, bleaching, coloring—there are so many ways to create damage. But as a stylist, you have a whole bunch of moisturizing tricks up your sleeve—one of the best being Biotop Professional Quinoa Oil. This hair repair oil is specially made to rescue your clients dry, lifeless locks and restore them back to their former nourished glory.

Part of the 911 Hair Rescue Series, which is recognized internationally for its healing and color preserving properties, this product keeps it simple and easy. It’s suitable for every hair type and supports all different types of chemical processes. Quinoa is nature’s superfood—of course your client’s hair is hungry for it too!  Although not entirely organic, Biotop Quinoa Oil contains natural, non-toxic ingredients—it’s the perfect balance between organic and scientific.
Directions: After shampooing, rub quinoa oil between palms until it’s a fine lather. Distribute it evenly and let it sit for 5-10 minutes before rinsing.

For more information, visit www.biotopusa.com