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Last updated: June 01, 2017

Big Sexy Hair Big Boost

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Is your client hair a bit flat? Give it a boost with Big Sexy Hair Big Boost. Big Boost is a re-workable crème that answers the needs of fine, thin hair customers who want to add volume and wish for a minimal product feel. This amplifying, texturizing and defining crème helps create and re-create touchable, flexible styles with voluminous results. With long lasting volume, texture and definition, Big Boost protects against humidity, while allowing you to create more precise styles and long-tasting texture.

Recommended for use on dry hair. Rib a dime-sized amount between hands until the product becomes transparent. For volume, apply underneath sections of hair, lifting each section as you work the product in. For added texture and definition, apply more towards the ends of hair. Easy to layer, you can apply additional product for a more intense effect.

Soft, Romantic Chignon

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