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Last updated: July 20, 2015

ATTIRA Youthful Nature

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Looking for a luxurious hair experience with premium ingredients? Look no further than ATTIRA. This Netherlands-based company specializes in professional hair products with a focus on natural ingredients and uncompromised performance. No joke, this is the most potent and effective hair care line ever made! And it all begins with auroras. Auroras are a magnetic phenomenon that occurs when highly charged particles collide with elements in the earth’s atmosphere. ATTIRA is the first line to harness similar magnetic forces in order to “super charge” its natural ingredients. With a firm belief that nature holds the power to heal and rejuvenate, their ingredients come straight from the source; from crystal springs and wild herb gardens. One unique brand within the line is Youthful Nature, an anti-aging regimen that rejuvenates and protects. The Youthful Nature line combines antioxidants with UV protection for an anti-aging effect. Designed for all hair types this line provides the ultimate in nourishing care and adds serious volume and shine. Oh, and did we mention it leaves hair feeling  fresh and reinvigorated.

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