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Last updated: May 30, 2017

White-Out: Color and Highlights for White Hair by Kim Vo

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White-Out: Color and Highlights for White Hair by Kim Vo

It’s the haircolor fountain of youth! Kim Vo’s “Dip & Tip” Technique demonstrates how to give your clients the color and the highlights they want, even if they have a higher percentage of white hair. The “Dip & Tip” can be combined with white blending for flawless, natural-looking color!

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    Section the hair in the middle and apply the color to the re-growth. Continue to comb the color all the way from frontal lobe to nape area.

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    Continue with the sides. Section the hair from the top to the ear and continue to color down both sides.

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    Continue with the subsections. Start on the top and apply the color to the re-growth, working all the way down in smaller sections.

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    Continue to color the re-growth in the front working down from the top section by section.

    DEVELOPMENT TIME: 45 minutes

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    Start on the side. Lift the first section. Place cotton underneath it. Pick up random strands and paint the color all the way down to the tips. Place cotton on top. Take the next layer and paint the next line of strands. Continue to work your way to the top.

    Continue and complete the other side & the back.

    Tip: This technique is perfect for clients who want multiple colors, because some of the pieces that you have highlighted will absorb more of the toner.

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    DEVELOPMENT TIME: 45 Minutes for Re-growth, 20 Minutes for Highlights

    Remove cotton and foil and wash out the color, starting from the back.

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    Apply the color all over. Comb it all the way through from roots to ends.

    DEVELOPMENT TIME: Model Development Time was 15 Minutes.

    BLONDME Toners develop up to 30 Minutes depending on desired tone.

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    Natural Level: 5, 50% white hair

    FORMULA 1: Mix 1 part BLONDME (30g) White Blending Cream Caramel + 1 parts (30g) BLONDME Premium Care Developer 9% (30 Volume)

    FORMULA 2: Highlighting
    Mix 1 part (15g) BLONDME Premium Lift 9 + Lightener + 3 parts (45g) BLONDME Premium Care  Developer 9% (30 Volume)

    FORMULA 3: Toning & Glaze
    Mix 1 part (30g) BLONDME Toning Cream Caramel + 1 part (30g) BLONDME Premium Care Developer 2% (7 Volume)