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Last updated: May 30, 2017

Wella Professionals® Cosmic Blonde Highlighting Service

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Wella Professionals® Cosmic Blonde Highlighting Service

Try your hand at this Cosmic Blonde Step-by-Step from Wella Professionals®.  For brilliant blonde results that are truly out of this world, use the award-winning Wella Koleston Perfect Special Blondes. 

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    Hair Condition: Good/Normal
    Hair Type: Straight
    Hair Texture: Normal to medium
    Initial/Natural Haircolor: 6/0
    Hair Length: Below Shoulder
    Color Technique: Cosmic Zigzag

    A) Koleston Perfect® Special Blonde – shade 12/7, mixing ration 1:2 with Koleston Prefect Crème Developer 40 Vol. (12%)
    B) Blondor® Lightening Powder – mizing ration 1:1.5 with Koleston Perfect Crème Developer 20 Vol. (6%)
    C) Koleston Perfect – shade 6/7, mixing ratio 1:1 with Koleston Perfect Crème Developer 20 Vol. (6%)

    Formula A: gold foils, warm color
    Formula B: blue foils, cool color
    Formula C: all remaining hair

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    • Starting at the nape of the neck, take diagonal zigzag sections working left to right around the curvature of the head.
    • Work from narrow to wide points.
    • Use the zigzag technique around the sides toward the hairline and across the top of the head, leaving an arc section to enhance the fringe area.
    • Create five sections in total.

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    • Starting at the nape, take vertical slices, working left to right.
    • Apply Formula A (for first slice).
    • Apply Formula B (for second slice). Continue alternating throughout technique.
    • For the second section, work right to left to create a harmonious contrast of color placement.
    • Apply Formula C to all remaining hair.

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    • Continue contrast slicing through sections, folding foils at narrow points of section into triangles to ensure seamless finish.
    • Work until only fringe arc is remaining.
    • Depending on the haircut, choose which directions to slice the fringe.

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    The Benefits of the Cosmic Zigzag Technique
    • Zigzag placement maximizes the interplay of cool and warm color choices.
    • The vertical arrangement maximizes desirable “ribbon effect,” giving maximum clarity to color placement.
    • The technique offers commercial viability, from a trendy and extremely effective alternative to classic full-head highlighting techniques.
    • Cosmic Zigzag can also be used for partial sections to customize the look.