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April 29, 2011

Violet Silk Color and Style from Goldwell


Violet Silk Color and Style from Goldwell

Achieve striking looks, luminous color and brilliant shine – with the new GOLDWELL StyleSign Straight- Violet Silk. Intensive violet with a silky shine for a chic style.

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    Base: 5N
    Formula A: 35 ml Goldwell Silk Lift Cream Developer Lotion 6% + 1 level spoon of Goldwell Silk Lift High Performance Lightener without Ammonia + 1 Tube Goldwell Silk Lift Intensive Conditioning Serum 
    Formula B: 60 ml Goldwell Colorance Intensive Lotion + 20 ml Goldwell Colorance 3VR + 10ml Goldwell Colorance VV-Mix
    Formula C: 20 ml Goldwell ElumenRV@all + 10 ml Goldwell ElumenVV@all

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    Take 4 sections at the crown. Apply Formula A to all sections at the crown.

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    Apply Formula B to the remaining hair. Leave to process as directed, rinse then shampoo and treat with Goldwell colorglow[IQ] .

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    Treat the lightened area of the hair with Goldwell Elumen Prepare.

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    Apply Formula C to the lightened areas of the hair and process as directed. Shampoo, rinse, towel dry hair and apply Goldwell Elumen Lock to Goldwell Elumen colored hair and apply Goldwell Elumen Treat to finish.

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    Section from ear to crown to opposite ear. Section from ear to highest peak of head to opposite ear

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    Sub-section back using a vertical parting.

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    On the natural part side with a 0 degree holding angle, cut section from bottom of ear to chin.Then continue with horizontal partings to top of side section.

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    In the top front section comb hair forward and cut fringe with a zero degree holding angle and a curved cutting angle.

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    In back of the head use diagonal sections and 0 degree holding and cutting angles to cut bottom length *Remove weight if needed in back section using a 90 degree angle.

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    The top and side section should be held at a 90 degree holding angle and to a 45 degree cutting angle. Length should be left towards front.

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    Spray Goldwell StyleSign Hot Form into the damp hair and blow dry over a paddle brush for a smooth finish. Then apply Goldwell StyleSign Sleek Perfection to the dry hair and run through with a hot iron for added smoothness and outstanding shine.

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