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Last updated: December 10, 2013

Vintage Oak Blonde from TIGI Copyright©olour™

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Vintage Oak Blonde from TIGI Copyright©olour™

This smooth, oaky blonde from the TIGI Masterbrand Collection has a contemporary appeal with a vintage finish. Dark blonde tones warm up the overall color result while creamy blonde accent shades add a bit of sunkissed whimsy to this sophisticated look. 

See the Hip, Edgy Undercut from TIGI’s Anthony Mascolo!

Who did it
Christel Lundqvist, TIGI Global Creative Technical Director


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    Natural Level: 6/0 Dark Blonde

    Formula 1: TIGI® copyright©olour™ true light white + TIGI® copyright©olour™ activator 20-volume/6%
    Formula 2: Oak Dark Blonde 40g TIGI® copyright©olour™ gloss 6/3 + TIGI® copyright©olour™ activator 8.5-volume/2.55%
    Formula 3: Vintage Blonde 20g TIGI® copyright©olour™ gloss 9/83 + 10g TIGI® copyright©olour™ gloss 0/03 + 10g TIGI® copyright©olour™ gloss 0/02 + TIGI® copyright©olour™ activator 8.5-volume/2.55%

    The lengths and ends at the front have been prelightened using Formula 1 to a Level 9/0 for a perfect canvas for Formula 3.

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    Begin by taking a circular section starting ½ inch above the occipital bone finishing at the top crown. Secure with a TIGI®PRO Sectioning Clip.

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    Starting at the nape area, take square sections through the perimeter, securing with TIGI®PRO Sectioning Clips. The width of the sections should vary in size to create a natural effect.

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    Put on protective gloves. Begin application through the square section at the nape area. Take horizontal slices working a block colour application from the new growth through to the lengths and ends, using Formula 2. TIGI® copyright©olour™ Meche Strips are used to protect the nape area.

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    Continue working with Formula 2 throughout the circular section, using the block application until the section is complete at the top crown. Isolate with TIGI® copyright©olour™ Meche Strips.

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    Begin application on the remaining square sections working from the back to the profile. Apply Formula 2 on to the first 4 inches of new growth area, and then apply Formula 3 to lengths and ends using a blending technique. Isolate with TIGI® copyright©olour™ Meche Strips.

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    Continue working in the same way until all square sections on the perimeter are complete.

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    Process for 20 minutes. Emulsify, rinse and remove using Bed Head® by TIGI® Urban Antidotes™ Resurrection™ Shampoo and Conditioner.

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