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Last updated: December 30, 2013

Veil Lights from ProRituals

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Veil Lights from ProRituals

This edgy chic and modern crop from ProRituals is vibrant, full of texture and, as a bonus, gives off LOTS of attitude. By using the new Veil Lights technique, give your client the perfect pop of rich color to add a multidimensional effect to any hue. Follow the steps to recreate this look on your next daring client.

Who did it
The ProRituals Team

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    Color Formulas
    Formula A (base color): 2N ProRituals Cream Color + 5-volume developer
    Formula B (first vertical accent color): 6T Tobacco + 30-volume developer (apply in blurring method) 
    Formula C (second vertical accent color): 5Ci Chocolate + 20-volume developer (apply in a blurring method)

    Apply the Veil Lights color technique in block patterns (use foils or papers).

    Vertical: Block patterns alternate between Formulas B and C (use foils or papers).
    Horizontal: Veils over the others choose Formulas B or C, or create your own.
    Blocking: 1/16-inch to 1/1-inch wide. Take 3 slices/foils back-to-back per blocking for maximum effect.

    The Blurring Method is when you allow colors to overlap 1-inch from the base for a feathered blend.

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    Create vertical and horizontal slices (use a color blurring method). The base color should blend into the fashion tone. Use three different tones (or a single tone) and take 3 slices/ foils back-to-back in each section.

    Blurring Method
    Start with a  natural or base color and add an accent color panel (zigzag application technique).

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