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Last updated: October 27, 2015

Twisted Upstyle

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Twisted Upstyle

Make her WOW with this twisted updo from Paul Mitchell. Sculpted and classic with modern charm, this upstyle is perfect for any party or celebration. Here’s how the Paul Mitchell Artistic Team created this fun and funky look.  

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who did it
Paul Mitchell Artistic Team
photography: Kate Powers
makeup: Iris Moreau
styling: Deborah Waknin


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    Prepare the hair by shampooing with Forever Blonde Shampoo and Forever Blonde Conditioner. Apply Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair and Sculpting Foam to damp hair prior to drying. Blow-dry the hair using the Express Ion Dry+ and a large Express Ion Round® Brush. Smooth, polish and curve the ends of the hair. Focus on blow-drying the hair away from the face at the hairline.

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    Use the Neuro Style Iron to curl the hair on the ends. Spray Hot Off The Press, take 1-inch sections, and insert the iron at the midshaft. Turn the iron under in a circular motion toward the ends until the entire strand has been fed through. This technique will smooth the section while creating a slight curl to the ends.

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    Section the top into a rectangle using the center of the eyebrows as a guide. Use a dressing brush to help smooth loose hair, then clip into a barrel curl.

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    On the side panels, back-brush each section to the midshaft and spray with Stay Strong. Start brushing from the left side all the way back to just past the center back. Pin at the top using large bobby pins and crisscross the pins until you reach the nape, anchoring to the previous pin. Barrel roll the ends and pin at the crown.

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    At the hairline, brush the right side over the crisscrossed pins and twist up to the crown. Anchor with large bobby pins at the top, and tuck away any loose ends.

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    Move to the top and back brush sections at the base. Stand on the right side and smooth the hair towards you. Spray with Stay Strong.

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    Insert the handle of the teasing brush under the section. Pin at the base in the front and the back. Using a sewing motion with the pins, secure the center of the roll to the head.

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    Smooth the ends and divide into two sections. Spread out the sections and use a Pro Clip to hold the ends in place.

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    Dress and drape the hair across the front continuing with this technique until you have draped all the hair across the front.

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    Swirl the ends all the way around and secure with Stay Strong. Gently lift out the center for balance and proportion. Secure the ends with pins as needed.

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