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Last updated: September 13, 2017

TIGI Bed Head Mini Make-Over

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TIGI Bed Head Mini Make-Over

Kevin Givens, National Cosmetic Director for TIGI, presents: Mini Make-up tips for women with “mini” time for make-up!

Here’s your chance to try your hand at simple beauty tips from an industry icon. Watch it!  See All TIGI Clips



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    I’ve always believed make-up, real make-up, and wearable make-up should suit YOUR lifestyle, and not some “La-De-Dah” make-up artist’s idea of your lifestyle after a 5-minute consultation. When you’re on your way to grocery shopping versus the Oscars….


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    Use our new cream to powder Dream Foundation just under the eyes and in needed areas to give a clean fresh look.

    Then apply one color on the lid (in this case Teal Cyberoptics) using the eyeball as a guide.
    When your eyes are open you will see a small amount of color around the eyes, when you blink is when you will give off a sort of flirty “flash” of color….

    Finish off with Eyes Love It Mascara for a very “long and lean” lash. 

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    Using your natural lipline as a guide, fill them in lightly with Girls Just Want It lipstick. Then apply a “dollop” of Shine Junkie in Pink to the center of your lips and “kiss” them together a few times.

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    Lightly “fan” a little blush across the highest part of the cheeks…. We used our Player blush here in Radiant.

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    Lastly, finish off the whole look with a little of our mineral based powder Glamma in the appropriate shade for a modern finish.

    When it comes right down to it, make-up only works when it helps you turn life into lifestyle.

    Kevin Givens hails from the famous “Detroit Rock City” and has been involved in the fashion industry since he was 16.  Shortly after discovering his call in fashion, he moved to NYC at the tender age of 19 to work for the prestigious Barneys. Growing tired of NYC, he set his sights higher and learned all about hair and make-up from the 3rd largest professional beauty company in the world, TIGI / BED HEAD. Now head of make-up business development and growth to the far reaches of the globe, his job takes him everywhere from Australia to Taiwan back to his residence of Dallas. During his career with TIGI, Kevin has appeared on television numerous times including painting the faces and bodies of the beauties on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search for NBC. 

    What’s Kevin’s motto?

    “There is no such thing as an ugly woman, just a lazy one!”

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    TIGI Bed Head* Mini Make-Over Unit

    Keeping it simple makes EVERYTHING more LIVABLE and BEAUTIFUL! That’s why we put all our best sellers together for you on this Mini Make-Over display… to make it simple for you and everyone who walks in your salon. – Kevin Givens, National Cosmetic Driector

    • 45 Make Up items in our top selling shades
    • Beautiful eye-catching display
    • Perfect for limited retail space
    • “Workable” display for artists
    • Display Dimensions:  38” x 5” x 19”

    *Voted Favorite Professional Make-up Line by for two years in a row.

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