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Last updated: May 31, 2017

The Tease from Pravana

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The Tease from Pravana

Long-lasting, voluminous hair can be effortless and easily attainable! Achieving supple, bouncy hair is realized through the innovative creation of NEVO’s line of naturally-derived, luxurious styling products. Get head-turning big volume with this cool foiling technique, that enhances Full Volume’s hair elevating abilities while protecting the hair from the direct heat of a curling iron.

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    Prep the hair with Nevo’s Invisible Control and Full Volume. Combined, these products give the hair full, wavy texture with extreme volume with the added benefit of styling memory and protection from heat damage.

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    Work through two inch sections and use a small to medium size round brush. This creates the texture and volume needed to prep the hair for our foil setting.

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    Once the entire head has been round brushed and set, go back through the hair, reinforcing the shape with Invisible Control to further protect hair and add hold.

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    Taking a 4 inch section, position the pre-cut foils lengthwise fold the foil in half and slide the lightly sprayed section of hair into the foil as you would an end paper for perming.

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    Using a medium to large barrel curling iron, roll the foiled section upward towards the base, and release the iron when you can feel the heat coming through the foil, secure the section with a clip.

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    Allow the foils to cool. Once cool to the touch, remove the foils to release the curls.

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    Shake the curls loose and massage through the scalp to remove any parts created by the set. Depending on the desired amount of volume and movement, gently back comb and set with Invisible Control.

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    Use your fingers to create an unfinished look or brush to smooth out the set, comb through the hair to further refine the look. The foil set used along with Nevo’s Full Volume and Invisible Control, gives you the ability to create full-body volume, with pliable hold for a look that exudes effortless, born-that-way, voluptuous beauty.

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