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Last updated: May 31, 2017

The Sombré by Robert Edick

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The Sombré by Robert Edick

Revitalize your client’s ombré by softening it into Sombré. This stunning, multi-tonal color is the perfect transition toward summer hair. It has subtle sun-kissed golden strands set against romantic shades of warm sand. To accomplish this look, Phenix Salon Suites, International Art Director, Robert Edick, deepened the base and color-melted into lighter ends using 3DeLuXe Professional Color and 3DeLuXe Lightener. Not only will this technique soften the overall look, but the color itself will soften and smooth the cuticle of your client’s hair. 


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    Grown-out brassy ombré.

    Color Formulas
    Formula A: 3DeLuXe Professional Color 20g 4.77 + 3DeLuXe Professional Color 10g 4.0 + 10-volume developer
    Formula B: 3DeLuXe Professional Color 45g 6.13 + Tone on Tone-developer
    Formula C: 3DeLuXe Lightener + 30-volume developer
    Formula D: 3DeLuXe Professional Color 10g 10.02 + 3DeLuXe Professional Color 10g 9.02 + Tone on Tone-developer

    Establish a T-Zone parting and apply Formula A to Zone 1.

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    Isolate a diamond-shaped block on the crown of the head. Color the entire block with Formula A.

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    Take your first slice at the nape of the head and backcomb the transition point between Zone 1 and 2 to diffuse the color transition. Apply Formula B to backcombed area of the slice.

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    Melt Formula C with the flat side of your brush, overlapping it onto Formula B. Saturate and distribute evenly to the ends.

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    Work up to the parietal ridge by alternating slices from side to side. Isolate slices in foils to prevent color bleeding. Color the last 1/2-inch block just below the diamond with Formula B.

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    Continue the technique around both sides of the head, working toward the face. Melt Formula C from Zone 2 to the ends to create a lighter shade around the face.

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    Process the hair for 25 to 30 minutes. Tone the hair with Formula D for 5 minutes.

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