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Last updated: July 06, 2015

The Flash Wave

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The Flash Wave

Women with straight hair crave texture, especially those natural “fresh from the beach” waves. In the past, women would have to perm their hair to get the kind of curls and waves they wanted, but perms of the past left a lot to be desired. Often the goal of soft, beautiful curls ended up looking “too” curly, fuzzy and lifeless. Plus frizz and breakage were common challenges. Introducing the Eufora Flash Wave™ technique, which, in partnership with Eufora AloePlex™ Waving Solutions, creates waves and texture without sacrificing healthy hair. The Flash Wave was designed to specifically emulate the true, natural texture of wavy or curly hair.


As any woman with natural curls will tell you, textured hair is never uniform. There are different curl patterns in the hair; tight spirals combined with waves and even some straight pieces that run throughout. Now every type of wave or curl pattern can be created with The Eufora Flash Wave™, from very light workable texture to loose, soft tousled curls. Lifeless hair is transformed with natural-looking, well behaved waves, body and texture. The Flash Waveincludes four important steps to creating beautiful texture, wave and curl. In combination with the creativity of the stylist, the possibilities are endless.


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    During the dry consultation you and your client will determine the “type” of wave or texture desired. Make those all-important service decisions based on the client’s hair type, current texture and length. Remember, rod size, wrapping style and choice of Eufora AloePlex™ Waving Solution will all be affected by the following:
    – Professionally color-treated but healthy hair
    – Professionally color-treated and excessively damaged hair
    – Virgin hair
    – Fine, thin and lifeless hair
    – Extra thin hair

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    Different from traditional perms, The Flash Wave™ technique allows for ultimate creativity and required a thoughtful approach. Begin by sectioning out the hair.

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    You will use a bigger rod size and wrap more hair per rod. The Flash Wave™ does not require a full head, traditional wrap. The look you’re trying to create will determine your rod size, type and placement.

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    Solution application is the MOST important aspect of accomplishing a great Flash Wave. The “spotting” or “channeling” of solution on each rod to create stronger waves in combination with loose wave and straight pieces of the hair is what creates the look of “naturally” wavy, soft sexy hair.   
    • Never completely saturate a rod with the exception of your test rod, located at the top of the occipital bone.
    • Each rod should be spotted in 2-3 areas (channels) with sections in-between that do not have solution directly applied. 
    • Use only a pinhole in the waving solution application bottle. 
    • Solution placement on each rod should alternate with the rod above or below it.
    • Do not be afraid of leaving sections on the rod without solution. This is required to achieve the look.
     NOTE: Think of solution placement as you would creative color placement.

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    The Eufora AloePlex Waving Solutions are safe for use on color-treated hair and are true to rod size. Pay attention to how the solution is absorbed during application. Very porous hair will absorb quickly and indicates that the processing will be accomplished faster. Watch closely and test for complete processing time by checking your test rod at various intervals. The first check should be at five minutes.
      – If hair is reacting; check every five minutes
      – If hair is not reacting; check every 10 minutes
    Make sure that you see the strong “S” shape on your test rod before you rinse and neutralize.

    Neutralizing and Rinsing Rules
    • Rinse hair thoroughly for five minutes. Use a timer and do not stop too early.
    • Use lukewarm water. If hair is resistant use warmer water.
    • It is very important to towel-blot the hair completely to remove as much water as possible.
    • Extra thick hair should be allowed to “air” neutralize for five minutes before applying the neutralizing solution.
    • Apply neutralizer evenly to all rods and completely saturate the entire rod.
    • Neutralize for five minutes, rinse thoroughly, remove rods and condition with the appropriate Eufora conditioner.

    Practicing on mannequin heads is a great way to experiment with different wave patterns and solution application. You’ll find that your professional texturizing services can be as creative and lucrative as your color services.

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    The best aspect of The Flash Wave™ technique is that your client has ultimate versatility in styling. Hair can be air-dried or diffused for naturally tousled waves. Round brushing during the blow-dry gives great body and more structured waves, and hair can easily be blown straight with healthy volume.  Lastly, beautiful frizz-free curls require uber hydration, so make sure to instruct clients on the proper home care products to care for their new texture, wave and curl.

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