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June 6, 2006

Teri Dougherty Main Street Step-by-Step

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Teri Dougherty Main Street Step-by-Step

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    Begin by parting a square in the center of the top crown. This allows you a center reference point for parting the rest of the section.

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    On each side of the square, part 4 triangles with their bases acting as the sides of the square you just parted. The triangle’s peaks on the sides – go all the way to the ears. The triangle peaks in front – goes all the way to the hairline and in back – all the way to the occipital bone.

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    Combine all the sections into one creating a 4 point star.

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    Using the edges of the star you just parted, part two diamond shapes on the inside of the back part of the star.

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    In the back section, apply the darkest. This color can be either permanent or semi permanent. Apply from scalp to ends and separate with foil.

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    Apply a medium color – scalp through ends – to the diamond shaped section, and to the front section and separate with foil.

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    The star shape on top of the head is the last section to be applied and will be the lightest color.

    Note: It is always best to start from the bottom and work your way up to the top section. This keeps the process clean.

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    Main Street was inspired by the need of all women to look beautiful as they pass through the heart of their town. An extremely adaptable technique, when using subtle colors on short, medium or long hair the results are fantastic.

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    Teaching the in over twenty countries and throughout the US, the inspired and inspiring Teri Dougherty loves what she does.

    Teri Dougherty is one of the most highly requested and well traveled stylists and educators in the world for excellent reason. She pushes the boundaries of hair design and redefines style while at the same time clearly identifying the structure and techniques behind each new look.  While traveling the world, Teri absorbs myriad cultures, styles and trends. She then transfers that raw inspiration into concepts and designs that create workable, portable patterns for the hair dresser to optimize profit – save time and achieve client confidence.

    For Teri it’s about working smarter not harder, simplifying to get the strongest and most dramatic results. Teri has designed hair for international fashion runway, television and film. She is a Platform Artist, freelance Hair Designer, Creative Director and Editorial Consultant. In addition, each year she releases her own themed collection of new looks that she has spent the previous year developing, both in theory and in practice.