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Last updated: November 23, 2009

Tabatha Coffey’s Biggest Loser How-Tos and Color Formulas

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Tabatha Coffey’s Biggest Loser How-Tos and Color Formulas

The contestants from the Biggest Loser had a lovely surprise this past week when Tabatha Coffey showed up to give each one of them rewarding makeovers to celebrate their journey at the ranch thus far and get them looking hawt for when they spoke before a group looking for inspiration. Since Tabatha and BTC go way back, she hooked us up with some how-tos and color formulas for the contestants.  Let’s see how she transformed them into big winners at the Warren Tricomi Salon in West Hollywood!

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    When Rebecca arrived at the ranch she was getting close to weighing almost 300 pounds!  After 10 weeks, Rebecca lost over 70 lbs and was in need of a new look to enhance that beautiful smile. 
    Since she’s a busy student and part-time nanny, Tabatha made sure to keep this 25 year-old looking young and lively much like her personality! Tabatha gave Rebecca a sassy bob with strong fringe and did a number on her color.  “Rebecca had been coloring her own hair (bad girl) and wanted to go lighter,” explains Tabatha.  “I decided highlights would give her color some dimension and be the best way to lighten her up.  I used the following formula.”
    Highlights: Joico Vero Ultra Caramel + 30-volume developer
    Base: Joico Vero K-PAK Color 5N + 5G + 1 inch 6RC + 20-volume developer
    Toner: Verochrome B5 + 6G (apply to all strands; process 10 minutes)

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    Why did Liz come to the ranch?  Because she didn’t have the energy to have fun with her grandkids and her husband’s double bypass surgery was the wake-up call she needed in life.  After years of carrying around all that weight, Liz’s spirit was in dire need of feeling young and fresh.  To help Liz feel more youthful, Tabatha cleaned up her length, and gave her some face-framing layers with soft, side-sweeping bangs. “Liz wanted
    to be a soft blonde so I decided to go with the following formula to keep this 49 year-old grandmother looking, and feeling, youthful,” explains Tabatha.
    Highlights:  Joico VeroLight Lightening Powder + 10 volume developer
    Base: Joico Vero K-PAK Color 9NG + 20-volume developer

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    Amanda is the youngest contestant left in the game and was in desperate need of a makeover. Actually, her spirit was in need of makeover to be quite honest.  Amanda missed out on a lot of milestones in life because of her weight—she even missed her own prom because of her emotional struggle with it!  Low and behold, Tabatha swooped in and gave the girl what she needed. A few snips here and a few layers there was all Amanda needed when it came to cut.  For color, Tabatha chose to brighten her blonde up a bit with the following formula:
    (Hair was a natural Level 8)
    Highlights:  Joico VeroLight Lightening Powder + 10 volume developer
    Toner: Joico VeroChrome G9 + N9 + Clear.  Apply to all strands, process 10 minutes

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    After Tabatha was done tending to the lovely ladies, she moved on to giving the men some quick groom-moves where needed.

    After much hesitation and resistance, Rudy FINALLY agreed to groom down the Grizzly Adams look and go for something less “bushy.” Maybe it was the fact that Tabatha wasn’t buying into the whole, “Abraham Lincoln had a beard” number he was trying to pull over on her!

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    Since Allen didn’t have much to work with—shaved head and all—Tabatha decided to just clean up the shave and give those eyebrows a once over! 

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    And since Danny’s color was aging him a bit, Tabatha chose to apply Joico VeroChrome N6 + Clear to his dry hair and let it process for 20 minutes!