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Last updated: May 27, 2017

Sun-Kissed Ombré from Ultratress

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Sun-Kissed Ombré from Ultratress

One of the most popular things that Ultratress stylists have been creating is the Ombré look, without having to use dye or change the client’s hair color. Both Ultratress II and Plus feature medically graded, water resistant, adhesive strips that are applied with a “sandwich” application method and with proper care and maintenance, can last up to 6-8 weeks. See how you can create this beautiful, lush ombré look for your next client!

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    1. You will need to make sure that you have several different colors to create the gradual light to dark vision. Make sure that the color matches the top of the client’s hair so that the subtle color leads into the top color. The suggested number of colors is typically between two and four, depending on the look and how dramatic the client wants the hair to be.

    2. Begin at the bottom of the head with the lightest color and add at least two rows of hair. Prior to adding the next level, add some layering to ensure that the hair falls into place.

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    3. Once you have given the desired length with realistic volume start applying the next color or shade darker that you are using to reach the ultimate goal. Again this will be either two to three rows depending on length and desired fullness. As on step two do a little blending to keep the layer looking consistent and natural.

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    4. This will be the top layers and should match the clients natural hair so that you can create a natural and beautiful ombre’ appearance. Once you have applied your final rows of extensions let hair fall naturally. Blend the layers to create the final long layered ombre’. To top the look off give a nice large beach curl to the hair to look full and stylish.

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