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Last updated: November 16, 2011

Styling How-Tos and Inspiration from Vivienne Mackinder

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Styling How-Tos and Inspiration from Vivienne Mackinder

Vivienne Mackinder knows how to impress. In her latest collection, Boho Chic, she wowed us with unconventional uses of texture and dresswork techniques to create hair that is soft, yet eye-catching. “It’s time to move beyond the flat iron and round brush!” Vivienne declares. “Let’s expand our repertoire and increase our business by opening up to new solutions.” Click and see how you can re-create these looks and indulge in the inspiration behind a number of the looks.

See the full collection: Vivienne Mackinder’s Boho Chic Collection  

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    Soft, short layers cut with the razor create softness around the face.

    Color: Deep violet, chocolate base enhanced with scarlet tone.

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    Layers create a strong Bohemian vibe, varying the richness of color, depth and texture. Color was used to exaggerate the hair’s texture.

    Color: Sparkling contrast between warm gold and ivory.

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    To get this look, the hair was set on a large iron and then gently backcombed for fullness. Finally, it was gathered in a soft, asymmetric ponytail.

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    This is a soft razor cut achieved by keeping fullness within the interior and creating a soft, wispy outline.

    Color: Deepest jet punctuated with crimson copper.

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    This cut is a combination of precision and razor cutting. The square bob line involved precision cutting, while the interior was softly layered.

    Color: Platinum snow flecked with unexpected shades of rose and violet.

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    Soft, long layers cut with the razor.

    Color: Honey, peach and butterscotch—tri-dimensional color.

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    To get this look, the hair was crimped with a wide parting. The hair was then back-brushed into a full ponytail, and the ponytail was then balooned into a faux bob.

    Color: Harvest wheat tones against butter blonde.

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    For this look, the hair was crimped and the top of the head was back-combed for fullness. Then, the hair was sewed with elastic thread throughout the top of the head. The hair was opened between the thread, and the hair in the nape was left open.

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    The hair was spiral-curled around an iron, then finger-teased. The model’s hair is long, so it was pinned up underneath to create the illusion of shorter length. The braid, which is her actual hair, is a nice Bohemian touch.

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    The hair was curled around a curling iron with a tiny barrel to create a tight curl.