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Last updated: August 27, 2008

Soft Tousled Curls with Billy Lowe

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Soft Tousled Curls with Billy Lowe

Celebrity Stylist Billy Lowe is great at creating runway looks for his Hollywood clientele, and today he’s sharing how to get tousled tresses looking hot for any red carpet event!

“This look is great for nearly every occasion,” says Billy.  “It is soft, sophisticated and elegant all rolled into one.  There are so many different ways to achieve this look, but here is one of my favorites!”

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    Step 1:  Shampoo and use a conditioning treatment, and be careful not to over-condition. Billy also like to use a light weight spray-in detangler/conditioner like ColourMax from PureOlogy.

    Step 2:  Always use a hair prep and detangler (like ColourMax) for easy glide when brushing and working.  Use a large paddle brush (with soft foam sponge) for detangling rather than a wide tooth comb.  The brushes are a little more flexible as the cushion moves with the hair.

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    Step 3:  Apply a root boost at the root area if you want to achieve lift for this look.  Lift random sections, spray 6-8 inches away, and massage into the root area with your fingertips.

    Step 4:  After detangling, Billy always uses Gloss & Toss for ultimate polish and shine.  Gloss & Toss is great for EVERY hair type; you simply adjust the amount you use based on the hair type.  For baby fine hair – obviously less is more.  Billy normally works with a pearl size amount.  For longer, thicker or a more coarse hair type, work with a nickel sized amount.  Begin at the ends, evenly distribute Gloss & Toss, and then brush through.

    Step 5:  Apply a volumizing serum or shaping gel.  You can also cocktail Gloss & Toss in with these if you like to use one. Billy is usually careful about using gels because sometimes hair ends up looking dehydrated. 

    Step 6:  “Marry” the products together by giving one final brush through with your large paddle brush.

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    Step 7:  Blow dry the hair on high heat – medium speed (this way you maintain control of the hair).  If you are blow drying with high fan speed, you can lose control. 

    Step 8:  Blow through hair loosely with fingertips to remove 80-90% of the water.  Do not use styling tools until hair is 80-90% dry.  Hair doesn’t begin taking shape until it’s to this point anyway so it’s simply a waste of time to use a styling brush when hair is soaking wet.

    Step 9:  As you’re blowing through, lift the root area and direct the air right at the root. This helps establish volume and lift.

    Step 10:  In 2 or 3 inch sections, begin at the top blow drying the hair.  When each section is completely dry, wrap it around your fingers (to create what’s called a barrel curl) and simply clip to scalp area. Do this over entire head.

    Step 11:  Spray with a light hold styling spray to lock in shape and allow the hair to cool down for 10-15 minutes.

    Step 12:  Remove the clips one by one.  DO NOT TOUCH THE CURLS.  As you’re removing the clips, use a light hold spray and simply “scrunch” hair as you’re spraying.  Billy likes to spray from underneath so the hair spray particles or “hair lock down” are not evident.  This also creates softness on the top.

    *For a more tight curl look & curl, do the same technique but dry hair completely smooth, and then use a curling iron for each section. After you curl each section, wrap it around your fingers and clip.   Allow same amount of cooling time, and use same technique when removing clips as discussed above.

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    This look can also be achieved by using round brushes to wrap each section of hair in once it’s dry. 

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    For more information please contact Billy Lowe at

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    For more information please contact Billy Lowe at