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Last updated: September 02, 2011

Soft Straightening Treatment How-To from Marcia Teixeira

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Soft Straightening Treatment How-To from Marcia Teixeira

Marcia Teixeira’s Soft Treatment works with your client’s unique texture for soft, smooth, frizz-free results. Not only does it straighten to complete perfection, it also comes with complete and total freedom to brush, braid and bathe with no wait time. Clients can wash, clip, exercise, swim and braid the very same day! What’s more, Marcia Teixeira products are free of formaldehyde producing ingredients. Recieve a FREE Summer Essentials Home Care Kit from Marcia Teixeira!


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    NOTE: All color processes must be done AFTER Soft Treatments are completed.

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    After analyzing the scalp and hair, shampoo with the required Deep Cleansing or Chocolate Pre-Treatment Shampoo. Wash twice for chemically treated hair and three times for very coarse hair.

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    Step 2: Blow dry the hair free style without combing or brushing until the hair is 100 percent dry. High heat can be used.

    Step 3: When the hair is completely dry, section the hair into three parts, front to back and ear-to-ear. Next, put on gloves. Shake the Soft Treatment™ bottle well and pour 1 to 2 ounces (more as needed) into a spray bottle. Carefully spray product onto hair, section by section, combing through as you go while avoiding the client’s eyes.
    NOTE: Make sure the product is evenly distributed through the hair by combing thoroughly. Apply more product as necessary and remember to remove any excess as you comb through.

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    Set your blow dryer to high fan and high heat and use a vent brush to dry to 100 percent. NOTE: You do not have to focus on straightening the hair. This step is only to make sure the product has been completely dried onto the hair.

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    NOTE: For this step you will flat iron at a temperature of 350ºF on all shades of blonde, highlighted, or bleached hair. Flat iron at 400ºF on virgin and all other shades.

    First, section the hair into three parts, front to back and ear-to-ear. Beginning at the nape, and taking ½” sections, pass your Mini Glide flat iron (or preferred flat iron of choice) starting at the hairline (without touching the scalp) down to the ends 4-5 times. You may be required to pass the iron up to 8-9 times for more curl reduction.

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    Using the Marcia Teixeira Shampoo and Conditioner of your choice, shampoo the client’s hair once and condition.

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    Blow dry the hair into the desired style and touch up with your flat iron if needed.

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    Now it’s time to advise your client they have total freedom to wash, clip, braid, exercise, swim and more that very same day!

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