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April 21, 2014

Smoky, Pink Pastel from Alfaparf Milano


Smoky, Pink Pastel from Alfaparf Milano

The Estasi Technique enhances cool blondes with warm overtones, without having to use classic golden shades. The result is a delicate, smoky pink that allows the shine of blonde to shine through, elevating it. An extremely elegant and versatile look that is modern, yet retains a true “vintage touch”. The Estasi color technique is also perfect for enhancing short and medium cuts.”

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  • 1

    Smoky Pink: 1/3 oz. 6.5 Dark Mahogany Blonde + 1 oz. 000SSS Lifting Reinforcer + 1 3/4 20-volume Oxid’o.
    Base Color: Natural Level 6 With Highlights

    1. Create a flower shaped section. This section should consist of four petals: one at the front, one at the back, and one at each side.

  • 2

    2. Create the front petal first. Allow the hair to fall into its natural parting. Where the direction of the hair changes at the back of the parting, create a horizontal parting that lies between the two roundest points at the top of the head. Use this as the base of the petal section, which is created by making a curved, triangular shape with the apex at the front hairline.

  • 3

    3. The rear petal uses the same base as the front petal, but its apex at the back of the head, just above the occipital bone.

  • 4

    4. The petals at the sides of the head use the first two petals as a base and point to the top of the ears, but do not reach the hairline.

  • 5

    5. Take a slice from the top center of the left petal, angling toward the outside edge of the petal section.

  • 6

    6. Apply SDL Illuminating Mask to the root area in a diagonal motion and then apply the Smoky Pink to the midlengths and ends. Slightly overlap the color onto the mask for a blended effect.

  • 7

    7. Triple fold the foil when closing the packet to stop color from transferring inside the packet, leaving the in between triangle color-free.

  • 8

    8. Take your second slice from the same starting point, the top center of the petal, and pivot the slice around, angling out to the edge of the petal. Apply the mask and the Smoky Pink as in the previous foil. Do not try and line up this application perfectly with the previous application. An irregular application gives a better effect.

  • 9

    9. The third section in the petal is created the same way, pivoting the section again. Continue this way through the entire petal.