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Last updated: December 02, 2008

Simple Holiday Style Ideas from PureOlogy

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Simple Holiday Style Ideas from PureOlogy

Is your client set to go to a holiday gathering this season?  More than likely, she is! Rather than insist she go to her mother-in-law’s house with a complicated updo, instead offer a simple, chic style that’s good for everyday but great for the holiday! Try one of these style suggestions courtesy of PureOlogy. “This holiday season, consumers will be after refined styles,” says PureArtist Mary Katherine Hecht. “We also see a continuation of the classic looks – very soft and glamorous,” adds PureArtist Darren Pena


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    The key to making this look perfect here is super smooth locks.

    Step 1. Begin by working a smoothing crème through the hair, like PureOlogy’s InstantRepair.  It will smooth down the cuticle and protect hair from day to day wear.

    Step 2. Apply a straightening serum on damp hair and blow dry using a paddle brush. PureOlogy SuperStraight® Relaxing Serum works great!

    Step 3. Prep locks with a heat styling protecting product like SuperSmooth™ Hot Iron Protection.  Flat iron the whole head until the hair is smooth and straight.

    Step 4. Complete the look with a couple drops of shine serum on the ends to give it a nice glass-like shine.

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    For an easy upstyled look on longer hair, try a low back or side chignon with a modern twist!

    Step 1. Apply a glossing spray all over, brushing it to allow the hair’s texture to show.

    Step 2. Pull hair back into a low side or back ponytail.

    Step 3. Apply a small amount of NanoWorks® ShineLuxe through the ponytail and then loosely create a braid.  You can add more braids depending on the hair’s density.

    Step 4. Twist the braid(s) around the base of the ponytail in soft curl formation and secure with bobby pins. 

    Step 5. To complete the look, spray with a maximum hold hairspray.

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    This look is classic but with a modern twist that makes it perfect for holiday merriment!

    Step 1. Apply a cocktail of PureOlogy NanoGlaze® and PureVolume® Blow Dry Amplifier to damp hair and blow dry with a medium-size round brush to create body and fullness.

    Step 2. Part the hair on whichever side you prefer then pick up triangular sections and mist with a spray gel.

    Step 3. Using a curling iron, mold the triangular sections into a pin-curl form, alternating each section in different directions working around the whole head.

    Step 4. Set using a blow dryer with a diffuser for 10-15 minutes, then switch to a cool setting for five minutes.

    Step 5. Mist with PureOlogy GlossingMist® and brush out waves for a classic peek-a-boo style finger wave.

    Step 6. Finish with a maximum hold hairspray and she’s good to go!  Try InChargePlus® from PureOlogy.