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Last updated: December 28, 2011

Short Multi-Tonal Brunette Cut and Color from Pivot Point

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Short Multi-Tonal Brunette Cut and Color from Pivot Point

Say you have a client with a slightly grown-out crop. That client opens up a world of possibilities for cuts ands styles–what’s a stylist to do? Robin Hain from Pivot Point International created one gorgeous solution with this short ‘do with rich dimension. Different degrees of graudated lengths and subtle color combine to create a cut your client can style in a multitude of ways. Click through these step-by-step directions, and you’ll soon be on your way to creating the look!

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    Dawn’s hair has grown out from a previous shorter hairstyle. She would like a fresher, shorter style that offers versatile, textural movement.

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    Part vertically in the center back, distribute and project at a high angle. Position your fingers along a high angle and sculpt parallel. Work toward the left to the middle of the ear. Then work from the center back toward the right with the same technique.

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    Move to the left side section. Use diagonal-forward partings and converge to a stationary design line at the middle of the ear. Repeat on the right side.

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    In the crown take a pivotal parting from the left, adjacent to the sectioning line. Project at 90°, position your fingers for a length increase toward the right and notch.

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    Near the end of the first parting only, adjust your fingers to connect to the longer lengths from the right exterior.

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    In the front interior, part parallel to the sectioning line. Establish a stationary design line, which increases in length from right to left. Converge all lengths back to the stationary design line and notch.

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    Dry the hair, then take a diagonal parting extending from the right side across the fringe to the middle of the left eye. Notch an asymmetrical curved line using natural distribution and comb control.

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    In the crown, use wide pivotal partings, part approximately 90° and point cut. Work from the center to either side.

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    Alternate level 7, copper and level 6, red colors within an off-center, eye-shaped section. Apply level 5, copper brown to the back and to a crescent-shaped section behind the fringe. Apply level 4, red-violet brown to the remaining lengths. Process, rinse, shampoo and condition prior to styling.


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    Artist | Robin Hain | Pivot Point International
    Makeup | Rue Dufkis |
    Fashion Stylist | Isaac King |
    Jewelry/Accessories | Rossi Cole |
    Fashion Photographer | John Gress |
    Senior Photographer/Videographer | David Placek